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We made these scrunchies from our leftover brocade fabric in our efforts to be zero waste. They are super comfortable to wear for all hair types and styles! They are made by our ethical partner studio following the same principals and values as our garments. We sell them in packs of 2, 4 or 10 units.

For bulk orders (>50 units) please email:


One size only! 


  • You can choose from two brocade fabrics (MOSS or BAROQUE) or go for a mix and match assortment of both. 


  • zero waste design!
  • washable and reusable

Clothes are piling up in your laundry basket? You’re not being lazy, you’re just being a really good person. Only wash as needed – you’ll save on water, detergent and your clothes will last way longer. 

We recommend following these mindful care tips:

  • Wash Cold: most of the energy spent in conventional washing machines is used heating the water. We recommend switching to cold water cycled or washing at max 30°C.
  • Hang Dry: Skip the drier! Air-drying your clothes even just 6 months a year can save hundreds of kilos of Co2 from entering the atmosphere. 
  • Iron Cool: All of our garments can be ironed. We recommend setting your iron on medium heat and ironing the garments on reverse. Definitely do not iron on prints!
  • Hand Wash: Our handwoven fabrics are super delicate. While you can place them in a laundry net and a delicate cycle, we recommend hand-washing them whenever possible. 

FUN FACT: 95% of discarded clothing can be recycled or upcycled. Don't trash your unwanted clothes: Mend, donate, swap them!

By following these smart care instructions, you can make positive impact and generate countless savings in key resources: