From extreme waste and environmental destruction to illegal wages and unsafe working conditions, the fashion industry’s focus on trendy, disposable clothing has staggering impacts on people and our planet. Remake is a community of millennial and Gen Z women who pledge to wear our values and put an end to fast fashion and we're happy to have them vouch for and support our work!

GOOD KRAMA was screened through Remake's rigorous sustainability tool which was developed with thoughtful input from foundations investing in maker well-being, ethical supply chains, standard-setting organizations and pioneering slow fashion brands. They assessed our products and processes against a few core questions: 

  1. Can you tell where a product was made and who made it? We look at product traceability and transparency to assess what kind of connection the brand has to the makers who produce their products.

  2. Is the maker better off? Protection of labor rights as well as health and safety is a must! We go beyond that and focus on maker well-being asking, “Is she better off?” As a result of earning a living wage, she receives increased access to essential services, education, and other opportunities as well as investments in her community.

  3. Was the product made with the future of the planet in mind? We look for products that are paving the way for a more environmentally sustainable industry- not only by minimizing negative impacts (on climate, water, and landfills), but are also made with cleaner, less resource-intensive processes and materials.

  4. Do the raw materials that went into the product meet the same values? Whether they’re made from cotton, viscose, lyocell, rubber, etc., we look for products that are created using sustainable raw materials and improve the lives of growers.

  5. Is the company a partner in the ethical fashion movement? We know that being a leader isn’t always easy (especially when it may eat into profits) so we recognize companies that are using their voice and influence to advocate for a more ethical, sustainable fashion industry.

To top it all off, our founder Katia was on-boarded as a Remake Ambassador, joining a thriving group of individuals that engage their neighborhoods in thoughtful conversations about the women who make our clothes and the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

When we come together to make small changes in our own individual lives, it can lead to enormous impact!