We celebrate the craftsmanship and the people that help us make the magic happen. Our founder Katia spent four years living in Cambodia and building solid relationships with everyone involved - we know them and they know us. We learn and grow alongside each other.

Our handwoven textiles are made in partnership with various NGOs and social enterprises that work to revive the ancient tradition of weaving in Cambodia. This practice goes back thousands of years but was largely lost due to the rapid industrialization of textile manufacturing. For us, this craft is not only a beautiful manifestation of slow fashion, but also helps hundreds of women and families in isolated rural communities find financial independence through this trade. Our partners not only provide these women with an opportunity for economic development but also with training and leadership development - all within the boundaries of fair trade.


Our fabrics are then cut and sewn by our partner ateliers who are also social enterprises and NGOs that operate in Cambodia to provide vocational sewing training to men and women. Believe it or not, but everything in our supply chain is sourced and made within an 80km radius of the ateliers! This not only lowers our carbon emissions, but also creates a virtuous cycle within the communities we work with.

fairsew team