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CHIVY is the Khmer word for "life" and this bodysuit is definitely giving us plenty of it. Made from an upcycled cotton elastane, this bodysuit doubles as a bathing suit - YES WAY!  With a low round neck in the front and a deep v-neck in the back, this bodysuit can be paired with your favorite bottoms or just look exceptional on its own!


CHIVY fits true to size. Stretchy fabric for optimal coverage. Anna and Romane are both wearing the size S.


100% upcycled cotton elastane fabric - sourced from local garment factory waste.


  • fits true to size 
  • stretchy fabric
  • medium booty coverage
  • cotton lined gusset for better comfort.
  • doubles as a swimsuit.

80% of the gross things about fashion happen after you take me home. Don’t be gross, follow these mindful care tips:

  • Wash Cold: most of the energy spent in conventional washing machines is used heating the water. Switching from hot water to cold or warm can help prevent 227 kilos of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.
  • Hang Dry: Skip the drier, just do it. Air-drying your clothes just 6 months a year could save up to 318 kilos of Co2. That’s the equivalent of a flight to Paris where hang-drying laundry is super chic anyways. Go hang like the Frenchies.
  • Iron Cool: All of our GOOD KRAMA clothing can be ironed. Ironed, not fried. Give your iron a break and set it on a lower temperature – you’ll save energy and do less damage to your clothing
  • Hand Wash: Our handwoven fabrics are super delicate. While you can place them in a gentle cycle, we recommend handwashing them whenever possible. 
  • Krama pouch: Remember those little krama pouches your clothes came in? They are a great way to protect your clothes when machine washing them. Any other mesh laundry bag will also do. 

FACT: 95% of discarded clothing can be recycled or upcycled. Think about that for your next spring-cleaning sess.

Clothes are piling up in your laundry basket? You’re not being lazy, you’re just being a really good person. Only wash as needed – you’ll save on water and detergent and your clothes will last way longer.

By following these smart care instructions, you can make positive impact and generate countless savings in key resources: 

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