We are completely carbon neutral!

We are completely carbon neutral!

Sustainable and ethical fashion are two concepts that are closely interconnected, neither can exist without the other. In both cases, it's about the brand taking responsibility for the way it manufactures its products and ensuring that the communities contributing to the process are better off. 

Each project supports multiple UN sustainable development goals in addition to offsetting CO2.

At GOOD KRAMA, one of the most efficient way we lower our carbon impact is by sourcing textiles discarded by local factories that would otherwise end up in landfill. This up-cycling process eliminates all the resources it takes to grow the raw materials and turn them into textiles in the first place. It not only helps to alleviate textile waste, but also has a tremendous positive effect on our overall ecological impact.

Nevertheless, manufacturing a product will always have some form of carbon impact on the environment. From the emissions generated when transporting materials to the energy it takes to keep the lights and sewing machines on. Lowering the impact of our processes is an integral part of our brand's DNA, so offsetting what we can't reduce was the next logical decision for us to make. 

You may remember that two years ago we launched a carbon offset program for all of our e-commerce shipping by adding an option at checkout to offset the carbon emissions it takes to deliver the goods to you. We were thrilled to see that up to 95% of our customer base was willing to pay a few extra cents to make their delivery carbon neutral. This goes to show that when provided with all the tools and information, making the greener decision is a no-brainer. 

As of last week, we've taken our carbon offset vision to the next level by going completely carbon neutral! With each purchase you make, we offset not only the CO2 it took to deliver the product to you, but also the CO2 it took to create the garment in the first place!

So, what does it mean to offset CO2 emissions and how does it work?

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We’re tackling these unavoidable emissions by investing in offset projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency. These projects prevent future carbon emissions and remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere.

By directly supporting carbon neutral projects in Southeast Asia, the same number of emissions made when manufacturing and shipping our products are being offset, making all our products carbon neutral from seed to shelf. 

You can now experience our carbon neutral journey across your entire shopping experience. Every carbon neutral product can be identified by a ‘carbon neutral’ visual on the product page. Click on the visual to see the exact amount of carbon offset for that product and explore the projects we invest in. We’ll also send you an official Carbon offset certificate from our partner, Green Story with a unique transaction ID to ensure the validity of the offset.

Which projects are we investing in?

Our approach for carbon neutrality is to offset our carbon footprint along our supply chain and have a mix of Reforestation, Renewable Energy and Community projects. We handpicked projects based on their type, location, and benefits. Each project supports multiple UN sustainable development goals in addition to offsetting CO2. All our projects are rigorously verified and certified through The Gold Standard, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Climate Action Reserve. These independent verifiers make sure that the projects are working to deliver the benefits they promise.


This project takes degraded land owned by small scale and lower income farmers and supports soil restoration and replanting with trees to increase forest cover, resulting in carbon sequestration.


The first renewable energy project to utilize rice husk as biomass fuel for electricity generation in Cambodia, involves the operation of 2 MW new rice husk power generation plant 


Hydrologic, an award-winning Cambodian social enterprise, is providing access to clean, safe drinking water to more than 1 million Cambodian families by locally produced ceramic water purifiers. 

You can be part of our carbon neutral journey! 

We’re all in this together, and every effort count. We hope you'll wear your GOOD KRAMA proudly knowing it is not only carbon neutral, but also supporting communities the most at risk with climate change. 

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