They are young citizens of the world and in love

They are young citizens of the world and in love

Michelle and Jayson


"We've been together around 15 months and we met here in Cambodia, we were both in Siem Reap for Pchum Ben in 2016 and met there. At the time I lived in Battambang and Jayson was in Phnom Penh so we did the distance thing for a few months! I'm from London and Jayson’s Cambodian via California and Melbourne!" 


Céline and Amani


"We’ve been together for 4 years! We met in Paris as students going to the same graphic design school. Céline is French & Senegalese and I am French & Congolese. Cambodia was actually our first travel destination together. I originally moved here for a job opportunity and Céline joined me soon after out of love (cue romantic music). We’ve been living here in Phnom Penh for over two years now!"


Katia and Gleb


"We've been together since April 2017, so almost 10 months now. Katia was born in France and traveled the world a lot when she was a child before moving with her family to California around the age of 12. I was born in Kazakhstan and was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel as a kid, not many of my friends back then could do that. I moved to Canada when I was 13. And I think we've found a lot of similarities in that, since we were both brought up as mixed-culture kids of immigrant parents."

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