GOOD KRAMA goes to Baitong

Our last weekend of July was spent at Baitong Festival - Phnom Penh’s first sustainability festival.

Organized by The Idea - a leading consulting company in the Kingdom known for its innovative projects - this first edition of Baitong aimed to give nature a competitive edge in a city where buildings are now growing faster than trees.

For the occasion, GOOD KRAMA focused on creating a fun interactive game to teach adults and kids about the environmental and social impact of fashion.

Both of our games consisted of matching an article of clothing or statistic to its appropriate place. The idea was to shock people with these numbers as they are often exorbitant values associated to the environmental and social implications of the fashion industry. We pushed our lifecycle analysis forward, showcasing how it is possible to know #YourEcoImpact and be a conscious consumer.

By creating a fun game associated with not-so-fun facts, we were able to connect with Khmer youth and we were thrilled to received such positive feedback.


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