Four Ways We're Doing Black Friday Weekend Differently

Four Ways We're Doing Black Friday Weekend Differently

The Black Friday Cyber Monday frenzy is right around the corner. 

According to the National Retail Federation and its CEO Matthew Shay, an estimated $687.87 billion dollars were spent over the Holiday sales in 2017, with millions of shoppers attempting to find huge discounts on items varying from electronics to pajamas – which are surprisingly popular purchases during this period.

Fast fashion seems to be sewing itself to negative environmental impacts, which are also extending into worrying human rights. Despite this, clothing will account for a large portion of purchases over the BFCM five-day period as well as the second type of items that people are most likely to purchase on sale and later regret...

To help guide you through this consumerism holiday, here are four ways GOOD KRAMA will do things differently:

1 - Holiday Sales

We're offering sales throughout the month of November on all of our previous collections! No need to rush and purchase blindly over a short window of opportunity. You can take your time and pick your favorite ethical items at discounted prices!

2 - GOOD KRAMA gives back

5% of our profits over Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend will go to the Nature Wild, a foundation aimed at protecting Cambodia's wildlife and fighting against illegal logging and deforestation. We have a sweet partnership in the works with this foundation involving wild honeybees which we hope to release in December. Until then, you can feel good about your purchase and give back to a meaningful project!

Nature Wild x GOOD KRAMA

Nature Wild team working on a uniqueness wild honey in Koh Kong, Samaki Prekchick Community

3 - Wrap Smart

All of our packagings is plastic free! We place your goodies in a handwoven cotton pouch which we encourage you to reuse over and over again. Our pouches can also be used as protection for your delicate garments in the washing machine!

GOOD KRAMA's Pouch bags

4 - We track your Eco Impact

With each purchase, you will know exactly how much water, energy, CO2 and waste you saved compared to fast fashion standards. All of our data has been backed up and verified so you can know that your purchase makes a real difference in the world.

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