5 Things You Didn't Know About Living Sustainably

5 Things You Didn't Know About Living Sustainably

Sustainable living has evolved into more than just a trend. It has become a necessity. We’re starting to work out that if we want to continue enjoying our beautiful planet and wildlife, we need our daily habits and actions to reflect a way of living that sustains the planet. More and more people are adopting a ‘green lifestyle’, but there are crucial things we aren’t told before diving in.

Choosing an alternative way of living, is basically a form of alienating yourself from society. It’s difficult, there’s no instruction manual, and you can often feel out of your depth.

Here at GOOD KRAMA, we are passionate about sustainable living and protecting our planet. We’ve come up with five things you didn't know about living sustainably, that will help your own eco-journey.

Not everyone will understand

When your passion for respecting the planet starts to grow, it will seem like a no-brainer to you, but not for others. The ‘hippy’ stereotype might be thrown your way, you'll bear the risk of bartenders mocking your metal straws, and even those closest to you will shrug their shoulders or raise an eyebrow. It’s important to stand your ground, and intentionally surround yourself with like-minds, especially when you need a pick-me-up.

Nobody is perfect

The ‘zero waste’ phenomenon is on the rise, and green-living advocates are growing in numbers. It’s so easy to look at other eco-warriors and think they are green gods and goddesses who do everything right by the planet. This is not the case. Even the best of the best forget to ask "no straw please". Comparing yourselves to others is not going to get you anywhere. Your eco-lifestyle is your own, and you can only try your best.

Eco-living takes time

Convenience = waste. Living sustainably involves slowing down your life pace. Avoiding packaged food and pre-made consumables are great ways to cut down your waste, but this takes more time than you think. Researching what eco products work best for you, and working out new habitual routines to reduce your waste, all takes time too. Allow your mindset and habits to become flexible, and adaptable. Don’t give up when you realize it’s time-consuming. Simply work on what you can change within your time restraints, and progress from there.

It’s never ending

Beginning a sustainable lifestyle is kind of like playing Alice, and falling down a rabbit hole. The changes you can make, advice that is tossed at you from all directions, and things you learn along the way, will never stop. Ever. Eco-burnout is totally a thing. Sometimes it gets too much. Making clear and simple strategies with tangible timelines of change is important to battle this overwhelming feeling. It also enables you to track growth, and reflect, rather than feel suffocated.

You’re not alone

Heading into a new way of living is daunting. Heck, it’s a super brave thing to do. But you know what? You’re not the only person in the world advocating for a healthy planet. Find your ‘eco tribe’. Spend time with people who share your passion to look after our planet, who understand your struggles with forgetting your reusable coffee mug in your car, and who laugh with you over awkward bulk bin moments.

Living sustainably looks different for everyone; there really is no guidebook! Keeping these five things in mind will help avoid failure, and steer you on the right track to whatever sustainable living success looks like for you.

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